Meal Plans

EatLove provides macro-based personalized nutrition plans and meal recommendations to help you build lasting, healthy habits. Finally, it’s easy to eat healthy and delicious foods.

Let’s bring flavour back to nutrition.

We eat food, not nutrients.

Your custom meal plan is filled with simple & nutritious recipes that are dietitian-approved and chef-tested. No complicated planning. No boring routines. It’s easy to choose healthy foods when you choose Eatuitive Nutrition.* Meal plans are included as part of our programs or as an add-on with the nutrition assessment *
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1. Personalize

Tell us about your health goals, medical conditions, and taste preferences. Then, your plan is set up based on your macronutrient and micronutrient needs.

You will receive your test reports and a detailed interpretation during this session.

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2. View Meal Recommendations

We will tell you what to eat and when to eat. Swap out what you don’t like. We’ll show you home-cooked and restaurant meals that meet your nutrition goals.

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3. Get Cooking & Eat Well

You get recipes, grocery lists and detailed nutrition information. Scale your nutrition plan to include family members and leftovers.

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3 Step Process

Our services are categorized into three main areas: Programs, Testing, and Meal Plans, each tailored to meet your unique needs and goals.
Initial Consultation and Testing

Eatuitive Nutrition begins with metabolism and body composition tests in Calgary, providing a scientific basis for customized health plans. These tests determine caloric needs and body composition, setting the stage for tailored nutrition and exercise recommendations.


Following initial tests, Eatuitive Nutrition offers online personalized nutrition and fitness consultations. Tailored to individual test results and goals, these programs focus on balanced nutrition and effective exercise strategies, supported by ongoing adjustments and guidance​​.

Customized Meal Planning

The EatLove platform enhances Eatuitive Nutrition's services with personalized, dietitian-approved meal plans. This tool simplifies healthy eating by offering customizable meal suggestions, grocery lists, and nutrition information, aligning with individual health objectives​​.

Each service is a step in Eatuitive Nutrition's integrated approach, designed to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals effectively.

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Education Video Library & Advanced Articles (20+ Modules)

Your education video library has over 4 hours of content, split into easily understood and digestible 5-10 minute videos and advanced articles to suit different learning styles.
Nutrition Modules
- Carbohydrate, The Misunderstood Macronutrient
- Fiber, The Unofficial Macronutrient
- Protein, The Powerhouse Macronutrient
- Fat, The Hidden Macronutrient
- Water, The Quest for Hydration
- Meal Timing, Does When You Eat Really Matter?
Physical Training Modules
- Physical Activity, An Introduction
- How NEAT is Daily Physical Activity?
- Aerobic Exercise & High Intensity Aerobic Training
- HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training
- Strength Training’s Underrated, Yet Most Important Benefits
- Physical Activity in Practice
Lifestyle Modules
- Lasting Change
- How to Create an Effective Workout Plan?
- How to Overcome Common Problems?
- Goal Setting
- Sleep & Shift Work
- Stress
- Dealing with Setbacks
- Changing Habits – A Practical Guide
- A Winner Mindset
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Client Portal, Chat Support & Intuitive Food Tracker

Your support continues beyond 1-on-1 sessions!

Stay connected with your registered dietitian and fitness advisor with secure real-time messaging. And, in less than 5-10 minutes per day, you can log entries in the food and lifestyle journals and compare to your personalized nutrient targets from your dietitian.
5-10 Mins
Per Day
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Chef-Tested Meal Planner & Recipe Bank

EatLove provides macro-based personalized nutrition plans and meal recommendations to help you build lasting, healthy habits. Finally, it’s easy to eat healthy and delicious foods.
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Calgary-Based Registered Dietitian

Canadians are on a never-ending quest to improve their health, and many will hop on any new fad diet and new trends.

The problem is that these diets and fixes don’t last.

You lose weight quickly, but as soon as you go back to your old eating habits, the weight comes right back. The same goes for exercise, you start going to the gym and making healthy choices, but life inevitably gets in the way, and you go back to your old habits.

Data-Driven Practice, Ongoing Accountability

We offer registered dietitian and fitness advisor services, as well as testing services that help us create individualized meal and workout plans for you. Plus, we have detailed self-directed learning programs that make it easy to begin your journey to better health.

After your
In-Person Testing Metrics Session (Calgary Location only, email to join our Edmonton wait-list!), eliminate travel time and stay in the comfort of your own home/office via virtual online consultations (Zoom). You will have easy access to your recommendations, resources, and journals to help you reach your health goals.

We offer an
Upfront Pricing Model, which allows you to start with your Testing Metrics Session ($240) and upgrade to a full package within 1 month.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Eatuitive Nutrition:
Q: Where are you located?
A: Our Calgary location is located on the 2nd floor office building of the Calgary Business Centre, corner of 1st Street SE and 10 Ave, where we offer In-Person Testing and Fitness Assessments with our Fitness Advisor.

Our Registered Dietitian offer services exclusively online via Zoom at this time, with the possibility of In-Person services in Edmonton in the future. Please note that your dietitian is registered to practice in the province of Alberta, and is also able to see clients in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and the Territories.
Q: Are you covered by health insurance benefits?
A: Many health benefits plans cover services provided by a registered dietitian. Note that your dietitian is registered with the province of Alberta, Canada, and some plans do not cover out-of-province practitioners. Check with your insurance plan provider or HR department.

Please note that most benefits providers won’t cover the full cost of a session, so be prepared to pay for part of your session out of pocket.

When speaking with your insurance provider you’ll want to ask about their Reasonable Customary Fee, as it’s different for all practitioners. I would also suggest when you’re speaking with them that you go ahead and ask in relation to other services as well (massage, physio, therapy, etc.) just so you have that information! It can be different. Once they provide you with that information let us know and we can sort it out!
Q: Do you offer direct billing?
A: Yes, we offer direct billing for Blue Cross plan members at this time. We need your group #, ID # and date of birth to pre-determine your coverage. For all other plans: If you have a health insurance benefits plan or spending account, do check with your provider to see if Registered Dietitian services are covered. Please come prepared with information on your plan, such as restrictions regarding maximum per session or hour. This is known as a “reasonable and customary fee” (RCF) which often is not divulged unless specifically asked. We are always happy to help you navigate your plan to maximize your coverage as long as we have the relevant information!
Q: Is the credit card information necessary?
A: Yes it is, the card will not be processed unless you don’t show for the appointment. However it is a requirement to book with us, and you will not be able to book an appointment unless you provide the information.
Q: What types of testing does Eatuitive Nutrition offer?
A: We offer Metabolism Testing to measure your body's calorie needs and Body Composition Testing to assess muscle mass and body fat percentage, aiding in customizing your nutrition and exercise routines.
Q: Can Eatuitive Nutritions programs support weight loss and muscle gain?
Yes, we specialize in helping clients lose fat and gain muscle through customized diet plans that consider your body's composition and metabolic rate, ensuring sustainable health management.
Q: Do I need in-person consultations to access your services?
A: Eatuitive Nutrition provides both in-person services in Calgary for testing and fitness assessments, and online dietitian consultations, making our services accessible to a broader audience.
Q: What additional resources does Eatuitive Nutrition offer?
A: Beyond personalized consultations, they provide a client portal, chat support, a food tracker, educational videos, and a customizable meal planner to support clients' health journeys.
Q: How does Eatuitive Nutrition handle meal planning?
A: Through the EatLove platform, they offer customizable, digital meal plans tailored to personal needs and preferences, featuring healthy, whole-food recipes for all cooking levels.
Q: How can I start with Eatuitive Nutrition?
AYou can book an appointment for metabolism and body composition testing or schedule a dietitian consultation to discuss your health goals and begin crafting your personalized plan​​​​​​.
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