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Metabolism & Body Composition Tests

Understand your body's unique needs with our Metabolism and Body Composition Tests, led by our dietitian, guiding you to tailor your diet and exercise for optimal results.

Step 2

Registered Dietitian Consultations & Nutrient Analysis

Following initial tests, Eatuitive Nutrition offers online personalized nutrition consultations. Tailored to individual test results and goals, these programs focus on balanced nutrition and effective exercise strategies, supported by ongoing adjustments and guidance​​.

Step 3

Follow-up Dietitian Consultations & Re-Tests

Get a custom nutrition plan tailored to your unique health goals and lifestyle, guided by our Registered Dietitian's straightforward, no-nonsense advice.

Actionable Metrics: Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) & Body Composition Testing

Say goodbye to guessing your calories, protein & macros.

Our Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test accurately measures the energy (calories) your body burns at rest, while our Body Composition Analysis tracks changes in body fat, water, and muscle mass to validate your progress.

With data in hand, our expert team translates your health metrics into personalized targets for calories, protein, and macros, providing you with a deeper understanding of your body's needs.

Our team then translates your health metrics to determine your personal calories, protein & macros targets, for a better understanding of your body. Testing services are currently available in Calgary.

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Our Calgary Nutritionists and Dietitians work through the Practice Better app

Areas of Specialty

Let us help you build a roadmap to achieve your goals without compromise.

Body Fat & Metabolism Testing

Nutrient Targets & Analysis

Custom Meal Plans & Recipes

Digestive Health, Low FODMAP & Gut-Friendly Diet

Sports Nutrition & Performance

Weight Management & Chronic Conditions

Plant Based Nutrition

South-Asian Based Nutrition

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Take the guesswork out by booking a Metabolism & Body Composition bundled testing session.

Registered Dietitians

Cultivate personal excellence step by step with a Registered Dietitian.

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Ongoing Accountability

With ongoing communication with your dietitian via the Practice Better app, you're set up to receive the best support possible while on your journey in nutrition.

Personal Nutrition Data at Your Fingertips.

Easily track your diet with our Food & Lifestyle Journals — just scan barcodes or snap photos of your meals for detailed nutrient analysis. Plus, keep in touch and stay motivated through direct messaging with our team.

Practice better app used by our Calgary Nutritionists

Utilize Your Insurance While Investing in your Health.

Use your dietitian benefits before they expire.

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