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Suneet Jaswal, Registered Dietitian at Eatuitive Nutrition
Suneet Jaswal, Registered Dietitian & Operations Lead
Masters of Applied Nutrition, Testing Specialist & Dietitian
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Jonas Lindenbach, Head of Marketing at Eatuitive Nutrition
Jonas Lindenbach, Head of Marketing
Digital Marketing Specialist
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Claudia Cheng, Registered Dietitian
Master of Science (Applied) Dietetics Credentialing
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Services to Drive Your Success

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Baseline Metabolism
& Body Composition

Establishing baseline metrics is essential for identifying your activity needs and goals, offering objective data to monitor progress. By understanding these metrics, you can optimize your body's potential. Our Metabolism Test determines your calorie needs, while the Body Composition Test evaluates muscle mass and body fat percentage, guiding adjustments in diet and exercise for health goals. You'll get test reports and a comprehensive interpretation in this session.

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Registered Dietitian Consultations & Nutrient Analysis

Reject generic approaches and embrace a lifestyle tailored to your health goals and test results. Receive a personalized nutrition plan to nourish your body correctly, supporting sustainable muscle growth and fat management. Our plan, covering macronutrients to micronutrients, is designed for your health improvement, with straightforward advice from our Registered Dietitian.

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Accountability Follow-up Dietitian Consults & Re-Tests

Every rep matters—does yours? Without dedicated training, data and knowledge won't translate into muscle gain or fat loss. There's no substitute for hard work. Alongside a fitness plan, explore the link between mindset and training to create your roadmap. Engage with your dietitian and fitness advisor to review progress, exchange feedback, and prepare for the next cycle.

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Ready to Cultivate Excellence?

Book your Testing Metrics Session ($240) and upgrade to a full program within 1 month.

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